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New Profile Posts

  1. Brigitte
    Brigitte Emma JC
    Hello Emma from Canada. I'm from quebec, Canada nice to meet you :)
  2. Damo
    Whoops... A weekly digest seems to have been sent, that's twice this week. Sorry!
  3. QuinoAmino
    Hello everyone! Just wanted to share the love!
  4. QuinoAmino
    QuinoAmino Daily Nutrients Fix #loveyourselfdaily
  5. Damo
    Rather flued up at the moment, will respond to peoples messages when I can.
  6. Kula Haki-Food Truck
    Kula Haki-Food Truck
    Please support my Vegan Food Truck campaign . Kula Haki Veggie/Vegan Plant Based kulahakiveggieveganfoodtruck @kulahaki instragram
  7. Dave Sharpes
    Dave Sharpes
    6 days in and have got used to almond milk and very nearly green tea :-)
  8. Laura Warner
    Laura Warner
    Watching cat videos prob.
  9. Davy
    Am from Colorado!
  10. Dave Sharpes
    Dave Sharpes
    Started veganism yesterday, after being inspired for the past 6 month by a work colleague.
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  11. acharyasharma06
    I am Astrologer. You can consult me to discuss your problems related to any area of your life.
  12. dianeskinner
    Hey guys, I'm new here and just looking for a community to turn to for support, advice, input, tips or idea.
  13. Rita
    Any Taiwan friends here ? I need your help :)
  14. Sam Singh
    Sam Singh
    When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and joy of living.
  15. Brown Bane
    Brown Bane
    Still I RISE...
  16. Bridget Yeager Fajardo
    Bridget Yeager Fajardo
    Tonight I am making stuffed shells with tofu.
  17. Bridget Yeager Fajardo
    Bridget Yeager Fajardo
    My husband and I started going vegan August 1st 2017.
  18. Rita
    I am new member and I am vegetarian.I hope to receive the support as well as advise from all of you.
  19. Rita
    Hello, Everyone!
  20. Tamsingray89
    Today i offered to make my meat eating family dinner, this may just be the first step to opening their eyes. *