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    Request for bean recipes

    For me it is summer. Winter is soup season.
  2. Lou

    Request for bean recipes

    Its going to be salad season soon. I usually have some black beans and/or chickpeas to add to my salads. Black bean soup sounds good. I haven't made that. There was this place I used to go to that made a 7 bean soup. I would like to try that, too. And there is always 3-Bean salad, too.
  3. Lou

    Struggling to be accepting of non-vegan friends and family

    I know what you are talking about and have experienced similar feelings. But not to the extent that you are reporting. Coleen Patrick Goudreau and Dr. Melanie Joy's writings were really helpful to me when transforming into a vegan. Both women cover a lot of topics but they both cover the...
  4. Lou

    Request for bean recipes

    When I come back we can talk burritos.
  5. Lou

    Request for bean recipes

    I guess peas are not considered beans but they are in the legume family. The first thing I made in my instant pot was split pea soup. And it is my favorite. Now that winter is over I probably won't be having it as often but it's easy to keep in small bowls in the freezer too. It's good with a...
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    Request for bean recipes

    I've started keeping a package of Field Roast Apple Sage Sausages in the freezer. and keeping just one in the frig. (I've accidentally figured out that the ones in the frig stay good for a really long time). I microwave them in a tortilla with mustard and saurkraut. It needs some sides. usually...
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    Request for bean recipes

    Cuban black beans have become my favorite. I make it in my instant pot. Add one cup of beans to one cup of rice and freeze them in little Tupperware bowls. I get like 10 servings and just always keep one in the frig for quick lunches or dinners. The only change with this recipe is that I saute...
  8. Lou

    Need help to choose right food for dog.

    Ask your vet, ask the guy who sells the food. They may have more info. I know this vegan couple that makes their own vegan dog food. It is something they cook on the stove and make into dog servings. some servings they freeze. There are supplements added to the food. Eye droppers and measuring...
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    We have discussed Apps before. But I don't think we ever had a thread on them. What made me think this was a good idea is that Apple, in recognition of Earth Day, has a bunch of Earth friendly apps on the front page of the store today. Some I already have. Some I have downloaded but haven't...
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    Vegan cycling recovery drinks

    I read in Men's health that chocolate milk is the best after workout drink. It seems like then that chocolate soy milk would be even better.
  11. Lou

    How did you transition?

    Collen Patrick Goudreaux actually explains a strategy in the book and also in the course, 30-Day Vegan Challenge. It goes something like write down all the meals you eat in week one. Circle the ones that are already vegan and include them in week 2. and then look at the others and see which...
  12. Lou

    What’s your favorite plant milk?

    Light Vanilla Soy Milk when I can find it. It used to be really common. But all these other versions of plant milks are squeezing soy milk off the shelves. Plain unsweetened is what I've been buying mostly lately. It's good for everything but drinking plain.
  13. Lou

    How did you transition?

    Very gradually. At least 10 years. Maybe longer. Maybe I'm still transitioning.
  14. Lou

    Other reactions?

    I am glad we have a LOVE button. And I am glad we got rid of the dislike button. No one used it anyway. And when I Did receive them, they made me sad.
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    Do you use spotify or download from youtube?

    Good question. Funny thing is that my Coffee Buddies and I just spent an hour discussing this. I am in a sort of different place than most people. When I was in HS, LPs were $3. and I got like $5 as an allowance and also got to pick up some money mowing lawns, washing cars and shoveling...