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Angel of death.. please arrive soon..

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Plants that are being farmed are also "a part of" civilization.
Just as the animals being are.
So are the humans.

An enjoyable thing I savv today, happy also observing the I have some effect:
The neighbour to me, a similarly young lady; caretakes of a dog.
Recently got sterilized and novv going to "dog-kindergarden". I savv this van picking it up this morning.

-- Plants are also part of civilization; the crops "farmed" for upholding of functionality that humans "perform".
-- At least the dog-thing is a thousandfold better than it being in that situation of stuck in apartment - cudos to the lady; dog attached to her for functionality upholding?.
Only; vvhy are beings held in so sufferable situations so just about anything is better? Suddenly pretty much anything can be done vvith them, since its afterall not as bad and at least an improvement.

I much identify vvith this situation; I "have been offered tvvo vvays" to better situation; Transcendental Meditation place by government and by mother and father vegan buddhist place in france.

One at least leading to moving to Finland and university as a likely trajectory, background of mother there.
The other, ..

So since I am held in a highly sufferable situation, pretty much unable to choose better and forced into like a sudden-death situation; I vvould naturally vvalk either vvay - hindered in other options. Exactly as sought and vvanted.

Alternatively; the grovving desire: Taking a bus and heading as far out of Europe I can get. Just continuing until I die. Vvould be in eastern direction. Vvell Islam also. Or christianity. Generally "must be controlled, knovving "vvhere vve have him"".

I.e. offered no real choice, despite it being made to be perceived as such; just manipulated into desired trajectories. Sry for eastern spirituality suddenly seeming like cause or scapegoat. Unintentional.

Oh, or local buddhism.

"Person vvas becoming free and beginning to be happy"
Person placed in situation vvhere controlled and desired trajectories are the predictable pathvvays that vvould result.

I thought it vvas just peanuts mashed into a paste that I bought and ate.
The vvorld is a creepy place.. Indirect things important to consider also.

Vvhen I hear people talking about issues I am beginning to just perceive it like chickens in a factory talking about hovv to go about their beaks and vvings being cut off; like as though vvas it just something that happens. Like "its just the vvay it is". Or "its just disease". Vvhich I kinda guess it is, disease that is. Just a really scary kind. That you should not call doctors for, as such are like severely a part of that.
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