Any texan vegans?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Deleted member 2819, Aug 20, 2018.

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    Just curious if anyone here lives in Texas. Feel like a loner even though Austin is a very vegan friendly city.
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    Someone else has asked this question, but it was some time ago.

    Here's the most recent thread:

    And here's another one, but sadly hasn't posted in some time:

    It would seem that we've had several people from Texas join, but many members don't stick around. Some people come here just to ask a specific question, and never return, or they just couldn't be bothered returning. There's probably a plethora of reasons why people don't stick around or take long periods between posting. Even with yourself, no one here knew if we'd see you post again.

    You're not alone though :) You're among fellow vegans and friends. We are all united as vegans....even if we do disagree sometimes ;)

    In my own personal experience, as I travel over the border into the US quite a bit, I find American's, in general, very friendly. Don't get me wrong, Vancouver is a beautiful city, and compared to a lot of American cities it's lower in crime....well homicides, at least.

    I've been a west coaster for over 3 decades now, so I'm used to it out here. Winters are not nearly as harsh as the east coast was, and I can potentially ride my bike almost all year long here. The rain is a bit annoying, but they don't jokingly call it the wet coast for nothing.

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    May 31, 2017
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    I used to live in houston before I went vegan. They are pretty vegan friendly there as well. We used to go to Jennie's noodle house a lot. Great place to eat. Not to mention Whole foods and a bunch of other grocery stores that have a ton of options.

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