Cooking soya chunks methods ?

Discussion in 'Food' started by ski, Nov 6, 2018.

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    so i bought these soya chunks from Amazon the price was a bit high but if i buy in bulk the price is actually good overall my question is how do you lovely people cook soya chunks?
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    May 31, 2017
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    Rehydrate them in some kind of broth. I like using better than bouillon no beef and no chicken base. Then I add them to whatever I'm making.
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    I never heard of soya chunks before so I had to look it up.

    It is a type of TSP or textured soy protein. I can't say that TSP is bad for you. but I'm not so sure its good for you. It is a highly processed food. It is not a "whole food". Tofu is a processed food, too. Technically almost everything we eat is processed. * Some people have adopted the word highly processed to differentiate how much processing occurs. The process of making tofu is similar to the process of making cheese. If you read about the process of making TVP - it sounds more like making plastic than making food. You see words and phrases like, "extruded", "defatted thermoplastic proteins", " denatures", "fibrous, insoluble, porous network", and "pressurized molten protein mixture exits the extruder".

    I also checked some of the brands on Amazon. Two of the three brands I looked up did not include the words "organic" or Non-GMO".

    TSPs and TVPs are found in all kinds of foods. From protein bars to vegan patties. It's hard to avoid them. but I think its a good idea to minimize the intake of them.

    * Even an apple is processed. it's picked, washed, and waxed. Rolled oatmeal goes through at least 5 separate processes. But when most of us use the word processed or "highly processed" we are generally talking about food that has had something taken out. Like the bran from a wheat seed, or the fat from a soybean. Also cooking is a process.

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