Hovv behavior can grovv/harm veganism

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Deleted member 2263, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Not even if I could regain greencard vvould I try to exploit that. He vvas selected the president.

    See doing like this grovvs veganism, drugfree ness, minimalism etc.

    Its a factor in affecting him, like also a hindrance of visibility on the matter as it becomes a very present factor.

    Trump had nothing to do vvith that I lost greencard ||, not specifically nor directly. In other vvays yes but not in the sense of him being president. -- grovvth inspired as I vvrote. Not the part on that Trump had nothing to do vvith that I lost greencard. He is not the cause of that.

    "Despite that I do better in the US than pretty much likely anyvvhere else in the vvorld and suffer severely here".
    -- discreditive bit inspired also; being despicable in behavior, the perception that results. And does every time I fall for such, suddenly forgetting/blocked from adding a part like this.

    Also a #hovv2furthercause in the example/vvhat I get to communicate as I give service in this manner. And the perception such generates/hovv I self-advocate/get to finally clear up some misperceptions and things like that. (again the second sentence in this block harmful and inspired shaping of vvhat I try to express instead of direct affect on expression; not better).
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    Trump doesn't give a **** about your veganism, he may not directly harm you as a person of European origin but he's not helping you.

    I really feel bad for you. You seem lost in the parking lot of life and Trumps administration surely isn't the one that will help you son.
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    I am really not expecting Trump to either.
    Not seeking so either.
    I am just utterly tired of scapegoating. I resent it so severely you vvould not believe it.

    I have this thought; It vvould kind of be a feat to turn Trump into a vegan.
    I try to vvrite; GMfatestring (GMO) or remove/add some things to unlock a trajectory - mutational - in terms of a better life.
    I find him as innocent as pretty much everyone else on a fundamental level, definitely an intriguing situation. Like opportunity.
    Though I see no reason to disrespect free vvill of he.
    Might as vvell take the proper route; offer it to him and unlock incitement. Like a businessdeal.
    Vvithout it being manipulative.
    There are other things than simply veganism to attain.
    The loss of trust vvould be more costly.

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