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I need to learn to live


Apr 14, 2019
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I already realize it will be an ongoing thing.

Yoga, Qi Gong etc. seems right paths.

I decided to renounce sexual anorexia (I am not selling me nor will "gratefulness" flow anywhere unless extreme negative attachments are liked; however important thus it clear I am not walking the path of a celibate life (tried enough of that; aint healthy tho I understand and live by why) and I will not be returning to Europe whereas Scandinavia is an absolute of 70+ years and only upon different citizenship and non-European and safe distance.

  • Unmentioned citizenship - was caused a loss of path and I am very certain not by easily pointable at scapegoat however that path is closed (even as I am affected to perceive it different though I acknowledged it) - thus caused situation of retaining passport.
  • Need to say bye bye which is too dependent on external factors; "not until I visit even the graves".
  • I was done various things to making it very hard to leave, dangerous and possible to "retract" me misusing negative labeling and psychiatric abuse. Hereunder damaging me and making finance a nearly impossible thing to a mindset that continues to regrow.
  • I like New Age, I cannot enter any one religion I think - I kind of abide by, learn from and exist with them all.
  • Name minimalization ongoing
  • Possible need go by another Scandinavian country to say goodbye to maternal grandparent and an uncle - however I am unaware if is possible.
  • I need a healing environment, tropics and rest - its been so extreme for so long.
I live with very few items, very able lingually in terms of achieving things, .. its complex thus except for where its made an issue I am not worried.

Experience, strength, hope, links etc.?
Much appreciated - from ones that succeeded at such paths and acknowledging differing situations not ones stuck in denial.

I really need help however I know not where to ask, know I need to clean up like goodbyes done and feel much desire biasing about everything I do to an extreme. I am becoming aware a lot of sacrificing/harm occur from passive ways of life thus need navigate this to not become a tool of shaming etc.