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    My Favorite Ethical Fashion Brands At The Green Showroom At Berlin Fashion Week
    The ethical fashion movement has grown rapidly over the past couple of years, and one positive result is that there are many ethical platforms at major fashion weeks across the world, including the ones in Berlin, London, and Vancouver.

    This year, I decided to visit the Green Showroom (renamed NEONYT) and Ethical Fashion Show during Berlin Fashion Week, one of the largest sustainable fashion trade shows and runways. Berlin Fashion Week is a hotspot for sustainability and innovation in fashion; ethical brands from all over the world showcase their products at their sustainable fashion trade show known as the Green Showroom. At the Green Showroom, I came across many great brands proving that ethical fashion can be visually exciting while pushing concepts and ideas beyond their sustainable ethos. The Berlin Fashion Week Ethical Fashion Show and Green Showroom took place from July 3-5 at the Kraftwerk Berlin event center.
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