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Discussion in 'Ads' started by Poppy90, Nov 18, 2018.

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    Nov 9, 2018
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    Hi fellow vegans!

    I've started up a new blog called All Things Vegan, which is for UK based vegans.

    I WOULD LOVE YOUR SUPPORT! I just launched my facebook page and my friends and family (as lovely as they are) are not so into the vegan it's looking a bit sad with 2 likes. If you are interested in the content/feeling generous, I would really appreciate a like. It has felt a little scary putting it out on social media! Happy to support any other blogs etc in return. :)

    It covers fashion, gifts, beauty and seasonal items and it's a place for finding new vegan products, top 10 lists and I have some draft blogs on budget vegan-friendly items coming soon!

    Full disclosure, a few of these links on my website are affiliate links, however there's no chance of making my millions, I'd just like to cover my monthly hosting costs :)

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