The battle of the internet

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    You may have heard what's happening right now but if you haven't and you're based in the US you NEED to stand up and take action. Apparently this seems to happen every year or so where American telecoms try to remove what's called "internet neutrality" which basically means you're going to be paying more for your internet connection especially for popular websites such as Netflix.

    Basically what's going to happen if this vote passes internet packages will be sold similar to cable, you'll have to pay extra for using specific websites. So for example you'll pay $30 a month for standard broadband with access to smaller sites like this forum, accessing your emails, checking the weather and other basic stuff but if you want to use Reddit, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix or other internet giants you'll have to pay extra to use those sites. This means not only you'll pay extra for broadband you'll likely see any subscription that provides an internet based service to increase as they'll need to pay telecoms more money to provide service to their customers.

    Here's what you can do about it.

    Here's a video also explaining what's happening.

    Here's what choosing a broadband package could look like if this vote passes.


    It's not too late to save the internet, for the love of god you don't want this to pass.
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