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The enslaver is a weak point granting control easily


Apr 14, 2019
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Looking at how various species; structuring of energy, were "harnessed".

application_harnessingObject {
UPON $object {
block natural functionality
channel functionality
force repetetive functionality (method Hacking) resulting also in other functionality blocked

--output "blocked functionality, energy flowing harmfully mutationally, artificial dynamics, repetetive actions,.."

where $object is structured energy such as a being like an animal, tree, organization, planet or can be something like gravity or even the flow from a text being read.

Minimum requirements and GMO comes to mind. Kind of like LEGO bricks. (might be a reason of dislike of veganism; it attributed to mankind (harness lineage) - a great pride where "we" often identify even if subconsciously with being the wrongdoer/outsider/perpetrator to the rest of life.

Okay; looking at object_civilization from the angle of a "natural structuring --type naturally occuring" even if something went somewhat wrong:

Lets perceive the psychiatric system as a structuring of energy - in a natural setting would manifest healthily, being a healing presence loved by people going such places - not jailing, drugging, suppressing, various tortorous methods and historically cutting in the brains and locking people into cages.

Then consider the hypothesis: what if the very structuring of energy was attempted harnessed - like a horse used as a tool for war: an object/system refined/hacked to perform functionality.

Affirmation of dynamic
Due to extreme fear, inability to talk about issues and problems - danger of suggested obligatorily to visit a doctor/psychologist/therapist which then can lead to a psychiatrist which can/might/often involve drugging, addiction and possible attempts at fixing, control, institutionalization (i.e. a bad trajectory more risky for some than others).

I am sorry about the excess and discreditives
Much like a farm can be perceived as a "poisoning the well" type strategy - microbiology, prana, alignment etc. shaping poisonous by dynamic instead of adding poison THEN consider the harnessing affect to stem from pre-life on planet (patterns like microbiology from grandparents) springing forth, affect externally from this universe etc. - regardless there is a restructuring flow of the entire universe which in itself is no issue - like a building/forum/organization/forest carries an upholding cost and can involve extreme sacrificing. Think of advanced virtuality bordering to a merging of the material and a virtual environment (a yin yang; nanotech restructuring and sensorinput and actions altering the virtual space while both are shaped by actions, electrical flows, hardwarechanges and feedback from external presence to immediate environment -> middle path).