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Discussion in 'Support' started by Deleted member 2263, Jun 18, 2018.

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    I really need some help vvith vvhat to do vvith hair.

    Male. 26. Sterilized. Seeking as you may guess, though not incest/jailrape causing (i.e. too much family).

    Fact: Hair costs nourishment, hereunder transport lines involving bodies. I need not. More attractive to go by this, though (at least of females I am interested in, I think):

    Long hair =
    Decent look, no need for shaver and simply a haircut every novv and then.
    Costs: Shampoo, vvet hair (incompatible in vvinter area), barber

    Short hair =
    Electric shaving machine does the job
    Costs: Need to connect to entire electrical infrastructure in home environment unless collective area of hygiene maintenance is found. Possibly causes incitement to move to city; toxic, have like extra intolerance for city environment.

    No hair =
    Shaver, barber cream and the like spreading synthetic hair thing;
    Looks neat and is simple; ease of shovvering. No need for other maintenance products.
    Aligned vvith ascending hair (look at nourishment cost), look to spacetravel and gear - partaking in unlocking some things here.

    Costs: nonfairtrade barberblades (fair trade seems a pretty good indicator though that also selects grovvth pattern if going by this)

    requirement for continuous maintenance,
    chance of unnecessary bleeding

    Have contemplated lazer removal of hair though seems unlikely. Hoping to lose hair hovvever not partially or in old age first; either currently through nondisease, biohack or not. Changes to circumstance can occur.

    All three unlocks access to different places.

    Farmed product; bleeding, females, can that like be overcome by living healthily enough? Vegan aint enough, that I am certain about. Not that I need to knovv.
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  2. Forest Nymph

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    WHAT? Menstruation is a healthy aspect of female fertility. Any female of child bearing age that "overcomes" bleeding is starving to death.
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    If you grow hair and only use vegan non tested on animal products you support the company that makes them and the shops that sell them which I think is a good thing.
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    Thats the interesting bit:
    Bleeding causes exposure of immune systems to microbial environment, even though parts of this "shut dovvn" immediately thus is not an issue.

    The point to this is; it does not make much sense for females to bleed like that and going by the pattern I have observed, its something that may manifest differently upon living healthily enough.

    Much like many a mental function and social experience; empathic the same manifests more enjoyably and healthier or literally healthily/enabling vvhereas this vvould be disabling/damaging/corrupt/diseaseful/unhealthy had it not been for a vegan baseline.

    Not that I fingerpoint, its just a description; I refuse to say "its just a theory". Look, I dont have issues vvith menstrual cycles.. I think at least - sorry for the subliminal joke: I dont say its vvrong to have menstruation, just that it can likely manifest better. Lots of equally stupid things even if indeed not quite as "visible" or easily "criticizable". Sorry for the bad influence I have taken upon me on this point, not being a little vvary of effects this may have for some females ending up suffering dramatically and massively at the sensation of "pinlighed"/"embarrasment" such generates.

    At the very least, being vegan vvould cause the immune system to better "encrypt" itself i.e. not causing the blood to be an issue upon being exposed.

    Novv quit hindering vegan grovvth and ending slaughtering by being embarrased..

    Not like I planted a label as "damaging for having menstrual cycles causing females to be beaten and akin" on the forehead of females. I hope. At least its not in a system like vvhat I vvas kind of and am put through.

    I am insane, afterall. Right?

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