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    I have already mentioned this on here but I've just came across this sub-section. As a person who is gradually transitioning into more and more 'natural', 'eco' lifestyle I stopped using 'commercial, conventional' makeup and perfume. But as a very girly girl I needed some sort of substitute. I discovered the power of essential oils (thanks to these forum!) and I wanted to share my experience. I had to order the oils online and I choose the ones that Virginic has in their offer, I was lured to these product because they are cruelty-free, gluten free and 100% recyclable, which were all the criterions necessary for me. In addition they don't contain alcohol or other additives so they are safe and don't trigger an allergic reaction on my skin (I'm a huge allergic).
    1. Jojoba Oil ->, some people don't like the smell of its oil, I like it because it is 'earthy' but I have to admit it is unique. This oil worked wonders for my dry, mixed skin when I was applying it twice a day. I also put in on my wet hair after washing and it soaks nicely. My sister also puts it on her bald spots and she noticed some hair growth. So I just needed to recommend it to all of you. Such a versatile product!
    2. Peppermint Oil -> I was looking for a 'eco-friendly' solution to get rid of bugs and other insects from the home now that summer is in full force and I keep my windows open. It also works great for minor muscle aches, after sitting in front of the computer throughout the day my back gets pretty sore and this bottle helped me A LOT. I just massage a drop of the oil into my shoulders or any area that needs it. But keep in mind that it has a strong minty smell so if you're not a fan of mint this oil may not be for you.
    They also have Argan Oil in their offer but I haven't tried it yet. Sorry for keeping this review so long but I just had to share. All in all these have been the best essential oils I've tried.
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