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Update on vegan dog cat and ferret food supplies worldwide

Discussion in 'Animals' started by Vegan Dogs, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Vegan Dogs

    Vegan Dogs Active Member

    Mar 1, 2016
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    Vegan simply about Nutrition ! Protein, Fats, vitamins, Minerals etc !

    Welcome to Vegan Information! Vegan, Dogs, Cats, Pets, Veganism, Nutrition, Food
    "nutrients, not ingredients is what really matters" Dr Andrew Keith quote. For humans cats or dogs etc Logical.

    Nutrition is all about NUTRITION ! protein fats minerals and vitamins...and since plants have all those and are the SOURCE of those that get processed into flesh...there is NOTHING in flesh but extras additives like antibiotics and crap that is not in plants !

    Here is one...that is sufficient and authoritative scientific support of vegan diets for cats and dogs. 2016. Animals (Basel). 2016 Sep; 6(9): 57. Published online 2016 Sep 21. doi: 10.3390/ani6090057 PMCID: PMC5035952 Vegetarian versus Meat-Based Diets for Companion Animals Andrew Knight* and Madelaine Leitsberger

    "Both cats and dogs may thrive on vegetarian diets, but these must be nutritionally complete and reasonably balanced. Owners should also regularly monitor urinary acidity, and should correct urinary alkalinisation through appropriate dietary additives, if necessary."

    "a significant and growing body of population studies and case reports have indicated that cats and dogs maintained on vegetarian diets may be healthy—including those exercising at the highest levels—and, indeed, may experience a range of health benefits."

    one good study example..." Study by Brown et al. (2009) It is difficult to envision any companion animals placed under greater physical demands than sprint-racing Siberian Huskies. During sprint races, these dogs run fast through snow, while hauling sleds, for much of the 30-mile race duration . In 2009, Brown and colleagues reported the results of a study of 12 sprint-racing Siberian Huskies fed either a commercial diet recommended for active dogs (n = 6), or a meat-free diet formulated to the same nutrient specifications (n = 6). The commercial diet contained 43% poultry meal, which was replaced by maize gluten and soybean meal in the meat-free diet. The dogs were fed these diets for 16 weeks, which included 10 weeks of competitive racing. Health checks were conducted by a veterinarian blinded to the dietary regimens. All dogs were assessed as being in excellent physical condition, and none developed anaemia or other detectable health problems."

    Plenty real life examples of dogs and cats living healthy full lives on vegan diets too Bramble famous welsh border collie lived 25 years...Little Tyke a Lioness lived 9 years died of pneumonia in USA an ex zoo lioness who chose to not eat meat. QED it is indisputable that dogs, cats, humans, ferrets etc can thrive on nutritionally complete vegan diets. It is all about nutrition. There is no reason that ALL animals cannot thrive on vegan nutrition.

    What is currently available out there December 2017 ? 6 main 100 percent vegan companies producing vegan petfoods. Major non vegan producers also producing vegan options for sick dogs such as Royal Canin, Halo etc.

    Some Vegan Companion Animal Food (petfoods) Food Websites

    6 main producers of vegan petfoods. .Evolution, V-Dog, Ami, Benevo, Ketun and Veggieanimals.

    Most major Non Vegan Petood suppliers also do Vegan option...this is usually called the "hypoallergenic" petfood for sick dogs and costs much more than the 80 percent veggies based standard non vegan kibble where the 20 percent animal content caused the ill health issue due to diet in the first place. Due to wishing to support 100 percent vegan companies those are not listed.

    What are the current options for feeding Cats Dogs Puppies and Kittens Vegan petfood ? December 2017...updated feb 2018

    2 Options possible...1. Make cook your own. or...2. Buy Commercial Ready made Kibble/Wet Tinned. Vegan petfood.

    Option 1: MAKE YOU OWN HOME MADE with Supplements is the Cheapest option.

    ADDING SUPPLEMENTS AS STANDARD like Vegedog, Vegepup, Vegecat,, Vegekit.

    Specific Yeast for vitamin b12, Dorwest seaweed and Plaque Off algae good for white teeth occasional supplements suggested beneficial.

    Common_Ingredients_Vegan_Recipies_Dogs_Cats.html help with shopping and cooking...WIP work in progress. MULTI COOKER timed my option to ensure nutrients not destroyed by overcooking etc.

    Option 2: Buying Commercial Ready Made kibble mostly or some Wet Tinned petfoods is also possible as follows...

    No general supplements needed...excess of calcium and some minerals can in fact be harmful.

    Specific Yeast for vitamin b12, Dorwest seaweed and Plaque Off algae good for white teeth occasional supplements suggested beneficial.


    6 Main 100 percent Vegan Company Manufacturers....EVOLUTION (USA) AMI (Italy) BENEVO (Britain) V-DOG (USA) KETUN (USA) as at end of 2017. Veggieanimals (Spain)

    KIBBLES/Wet Tinned ready made commercial petfood...NO SUPPLEMENTS needed other than occasional Dental cleaning Plaque off and / or Dorwest Seaweeds.

    only 1 manufacturer however does specific for KITTENS kibble/wetfood...EVOLUTION of the USA summary of who does dog, cat, puppy or kitten commercial food.


    V-Dog - ADULT DOGS


    Benevo - ADULT DOGS AND CATS and PUPPIES. (not kittens) (Britain)

    Ketun - ADULT DOGS and PUPPIES USA online sales.

    Veggieanimals - ADULT CATS AND ADULT DOGS...SPAIN ! distributors/sellers in SPAIN and online sales.

    Vegan Brands of Cat and Dog Foods Simple Product List According to Category of Companion Animal. does ALL lifestages for HOME MADE with RECIPES. Adult and Young Dogs and Cats.

    Brand Name Origin Website Link

    1 Ami Italy
    2 V-Dog USA
    3 Evolution USA
    4 Benevo Britain
    5 Ketun USA
    6 Veggieanimals Spain

    1 Ami Italy
    2 V-Dog USA
    3 Evolution USA
    4 Benevo Britain
    5 Ketun USA
    6 Veggieanimals Spain

    1 Ami Italy
    2 Evolution USA
    3 Benevo Britain
    4 Ketun USA

    1 Ami Italy
    2 Evolution USA
    3 Benevo Britain
    4 Veggieanimals Spain

    1 Evolution USA
    (Evolution not found on sale in Europe)


    Vegekit™ is a supplement used by caretakers to cook nutritionally complete home-made meals for kittens and pregnant/lactating cats.
    Vegecat™ is a supplement used by caretakers to cook nutritionally complete home-made meals for their cats. Adding Vegecat™ ensures that the home-made cat food contains all of the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

    Kittens (up to 12 months old) need Vegekit™ supplement, formulated for growth.

    Vegecat™ or Vegecat phi™?
    Most adult cats thrive on Vegecat™. Furthermore, Vegecat™ is the preferred product for older cats with weaker kidneys, unless they have a known urinary issue, in which case Vegecat phi™ would be a better option.

    Vegecat KibbleMix™ Ingredients
    Brewer’s yeast (dried yeast, dried autolyzed yeast, dried yeast extract), Wheat gluten, Dried kelp (source of arachidonate), Baking powder (monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), food-grade cornstarch [non-GMO]), Calcium carbonate, Monocalcium phosphate, Taurine, Dl-methionine, Choline chloride, Dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, Zinc oxide, Vitamin A-acetate, Vitamin B12 supplement, Ergocalciferol

    Studies from 1971-82 indicated that 90-97% of all uroliths are struvite, a calculus composed of magnesium and ammonium phosphate bonded with water. By 1986 this figure had dropped to 82%, primarily because of more acidic diets containing less magnesium.
    The most common culprits leading to feline urinary blockages are:


    Plaque Off Seaweed Teeth Cleaning
    Yeast Vitamin B Brain neurological
    Dorwest Seaweed base Coat skin


    Harbingers of a New Age (US, most other countries) Adult dogs, cats, puppies and kittens recipies and sale of worldwide supplements to put in home made foods.

    Veganpet - Australia distributor of various brands -

    VegePet (Taiwan, not the same as the American company)

    Eco Dogs and Cats
    Sells only 100% vegan cat & dog supplies, and is the west coast (USA) distributor of Ami.

    Vecado - Canada Distributor of various brands

    Planeta Vegana (Vegan Planet - Spain)
    A store in Madrid, Spain that carries veg cat and dog foods and also has an online store where you can order these products. Germany catfood.

    Veggiepets UK distributor...of various brands...Ami, Benevo,

    NOT RECOMMENDED COMPANY...due to quality issues AND anti vegan statements made...untrustable ingredients therefore..Wysong

    they were reported as being hostile and inadequate for vegan nutrition tests... "In one case (Wysong), the company admitted that its product was unlikely to be nutritionally complete: “Wysong does not advocate the singular feeding of VeganTM to carnivores such as dogs and cats. … It is designed for intermittent feeding or as a base to add different meats for sensitivities and allergies”. They further asserted their philosophical opposition to the concept of attempting to produce a single, nutritionally complete diet: “Complete knowledge of nutrition does not exist … and therefore “completeness” is misleading. … With that in mind, Wysong seeks to formulate and educate for optimal, not “adequate” nutrition and encourages pet owners to rotate, vary, and enhance the diet”."

    Per Dr Andrew Knights ...Distributors Worldwide of Vegan Dog and Cat foods.

    1 Vegetarian Pet Foods

    1.1 Australia & New Zealand

    All Natural Pet Care
    +64 9 626 5754
    Importer and distributor of Ami Vegan Petfood
    Supplier of vegecat, vegedog, vegekit, vegepup and vegeyeast nutritional supplements.

    Augustine Approved
    Melbourne, Australia - shipping worldwide
    Producer of certified organic and certified vegan wholefood products for people and dogs
    Producer of Augustine's SuperFood (starter kits) and Augustine's SuperBoost (supplements).

    Vegan Pet
    Suppliers in several Australian states and New Zealand
    Manufacturer and supplier of "nutritionally complete and balanced" dry vegan cat and dog food formulated from 'natural ingredients, with the exception of synthetically produced taurine, niacin and some vitamins.'

    An independent AU-based supplier of vegan and vegetarian foods. Offer many varieties of dog and cat food, snacks and chews, such as Pegetables, Dr Chew, Burp stik.

    1.2 Europe

    Padova, Italy
    Manufacturer and international supplier of 'non-animal tested ecologically-sustainable vegetarian pet foods free of dyes, artificial preservatives and genetically-modified organisms'. Opposed to animal experimentation.
    Hagenthal le Haut, France
    Importer of AMI and Benevo vegan pet foods.

    Supplier for Sweden for V-Dog (UK) and Benevo vegetarian dog and cat food. Sales via webshop and retailers.

    Ethical Pets
    "All our products fall into one or more of the following categories: fair trade, eco-friendly, recycled, organic, sustainable, vegan, high-welfare, non-toxic, and natural."
    +44-(0)161 343 3371
    Cheshire, UK

    Hofbieber, Germany
    Supplier of vegetarian dog and cat food, snacks and chews, such as Ami, Yarrah, Benevo, Vegusto, Vegourmet, Terra-Pura
    +49-(0)8544-9185 50
    Aicha vorm Wald, Germany
    Supplier of vegetarian (Yarrah) and vegan (Ami Cat & Ami Dog) pet food.

    Retail Benevo vegan pet foods in Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands.

    Gent, Belgium
    Importer of Amì vegan pet food for Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

    Veg' et Chat
    Nimes, France
    Supplier of vegecat, vegedog, vegekit, vegepup and vegeyeast nutritional supplements.
    +44-(0)23 9245 3355
    Havant, Hampshire, UK
    Supplier of a range of non-animal tested vegan pet foods and nutritional supplements.

    +41 71 470 04 04
    Supplier of Vegusto and AMI vegetarian/vegan cat and dog food throughout Europe. National distributors exist in Switzerland, the UK and Italy.
    +39 0422 301497
    Supplier of Amì/Yarrah and Dorwest Herbs products. Sells only vegan and cruelty free products for dogs and cats.

    1.3 US & Canada
    US/CAN: 1-866-610-6004
    Elsewhere: +1-905-473-5790
    Markham, Ontario, Canada
    Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM – a heart disease) secondary to nutritional deficiencies of taurine and/or carnitine have been documented in golden retrievers, boxers, Doberman pinschers and cocker spaniels. ‘Giant’ canine breeds are also thought to be predisposed to DCM. Supplementation is advisable if doubt exists about dietary adequacy.

    Dr Chew
    WA, US
    Dog treats made from sweet potato

    Green Leaf Vegan Distribution
    Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
    Distributor (to retailers, but can advise on outlet locations) of the AmiDog and AmiCat products

    Harbingers of a New Age
    Troy, MT, US
    Manufacturer and supplier of vegecat, vegedog, vegekit, vegepup and vegeyeast nutritional supplements.

    PetGuard Organics
    Natural tinned vegan dog food "free of animal byproducts, artificial flavoring, coloring, sweeteners, corn, soy, wheat, and yeast."

    Sacramento, CA, US
    "Crunchy [dog] nuggets using only natural, healthy and wholesome ingredients and without the use of artificial colors or preservatives... approved by The Vegetarian Society... developed without the use of animal testing."
    Waukesha, WI, US
    US/CAN: 1-866-88-VEGAN
    Elsewhere: +1-262-574-7761
    International suppliers of a range of vegetarian pet food brands.

    There are more that produce Vegan petfood..most major Petfood suppliers like Royal Canin have vegan products for the dogs/cats who get sick on the animal content kibbles etc. Seems clear when dogs etc get kidney and allergy health problems...the solution is not flesh but more plant nutrition elements. Halo and Yarrah are other brands doing Vegan petfood but not 100 percent vegan companies as they produce non vegan petfoods also.

    KITTENS...Commercial kitten vegan food only available from EVOLUTION in the USA. NOT available in Europe as at 2017...ONLY SOLUTION FOR KITTENS IS THEREFORE TO do HOME MADE food with VEGEKIT supplement.


    The supplements for home made foods are:

    Vegdog Vegecat, Vegepup, Vegekit for the 4 types of Dog Cat Pup and Kitten. Plus 1 extra for special cat urine issues called Vegecat phi.

    RECIPIES for HOME MADE VEGAN PETFOODS: with relevant supplements.

    Dogs (Adults) supplement Vegedog.

    Cats (Adults) supplement Vegecat.

    Cats (Adults PHI/Urine problems)

    Puppies. supplement Vegepup.

    Kittens. supplement Vegekit.

    PDF files of Home Made Recipies of Vegan Food... Cat, Dog, Puppy and Kitten.

    ALL cats vegan or on vegan can get urinary UTI stones and/or bleeding. This is a feline species genetic weakness.

    Cats and dogs can have monthly (for cats) or occasionaly or dogs URINE TESTS using a simple paper available on ebay to check acidity/alkaline content of urine. Vegan urine tends to be less acidic than non vegan Not a negative unless an issue presents itself like excess urinating indicating need to alter diet slightly.. there are also paper testers for cat kidney problems. Here is one link...

    Cat Grass is useful for cats also or digestion clearance needs.

    ................................................................................................................. list of dec 2017 available vegan petfoods and utritional content analysis. This has pictures o ALL the known 100 percent vegan company petfoods available as at end of 2017 in the world. The main 5 main vegan petfood suppliers. It has the NUTRITIONAL DETAILS OF CONTENT of PROTEIN FATS AND VITAMINS and MINERALS CONTENTS as well as the SOURCE of the protein and main ingredient be it Potatoes, Maize, Rice, Soy (human grade) Wheat (rare) Grain Free.

    PRICES also as at end of 2017 excluding postage.

    Feeding Commercial kibble per large dog per month 25 GBP/EUR/USD including postage costs.

    Feeding home made, plus supplements of vegedog/vegecat/vegepup/vegekit per large dog per month 12 GBP/EUR/USD per month.

    Postage of local distributors tends to be approximately 6GBP/EUR/USD per 15kg for the largest pack of kibble and supplements that last 2 months for a medium sized active dog.

    Therefore the price of say Benevo Organic GMO free non wheat content kibble is around 50 GBP/EUR/USD including postage for 1 large 15kg pack.

    Supplements cost for say 1KG of yeast about 10 GBP/USD/EUR and last several months or 1 dog or cat. Vegedpg/vegepup/vegecat/vegekit small bottles of powder supplements also cost similar. 10 USD/EUR.GBP cost per month per large dog of supplements.

    Due to weight and cost is sensible to order a small bulk supply of minimum 2 packs to 30kg the limit for the GBP/EUR/USD postage standard cost. Delivery is usually within 2 days.

    The postage costs of international orders, not local on ebay or elsewhere, can mean ordering from abroad increases the transport / shipping costs to approximately the same as the cost of the items bought. I ordered 6 months supplies of supplements for 2 large dogs and 1 kitten and the items cost me 132 GBP/EUR/USD plus postage/shipping costs of 70 GBP/USD/EUR approximately to give an idea as I am in the UK(Europe before Brexit extra costs) importing from the USA. I may find these items on ebay locally in future or find a cheaper way or buying. It is still not too expensive or home made cheaper than commercial vegan petfood. 10 GBP/EUR/USD per animal per month costs even at that high postage/shipping cost.

    When ordering BULK KIBBLE commercial petfood...inform the supplier this is bulk buy to ensure the batch expiry life of average 8 months for most kibbles is ensured and not old batch stock shipped out. Calculate the cost effectiveness of the shipping/postage costs also. I found ordering 2 packs of 15kg at a time the most cost effective for UK local supplies. This will vary depending on where ordered from of course.
  2. Linda Kennedy

    Linda Kennedy New Member

    Jun 24, 2018
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    Hi, See the Vegan Dogs Thriving facebook page. There is info about urinary alkalisation on the profile photo there (it can lead to painful urinary crystals, meaning the animal might not be able to urinate. Signs may include dripping urine, vigourously self-cleaning and a hot abdomen). Alongside keeping to high plant protein (fruits and veggies balanced or kept to a mininum, VegeYeast Supplement is very helpful due to it being very acidic, or the version for cats.
    By the way, a thumbs up emoji (instead of the face) would be good for the links :)
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2018
  3. Vegan Dogs

    Vegan Dogs Active Member

    Mar 1, 2016
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    just saw this now...i buy ready made mostly...not good at cooking but use vegeyeast for dogs and cats when i do. test urine with strips regularly never any issues. the cat species generally has a genetic weakness with crystals additionally no matter what diet it is fed...wild lions etc suffer bigtime from uti and kidney health problems. drinking water quality is also an overlooked matter that affects this too so i use a drinkwell filtered water fountain and filtered water anyway. oh the face things i do not know how they appeared i copy pasted from the webpage blog i have of that info....that does not have those emoj faces lol i agree they look odd but would take too long to edit out. this is where i had pasted from... no face emojs on the page lol. strange things happen with copy paste obviously.

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