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  1. Veganite

    Veganite Super Moderator Staff Member

    Jul 30, 2017
    BC, Canada
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    I have dabbled in the past, but choose to live clean these days. However, with legal marijuana on the horizon here in Canada, I was curious to other people's thoughts on the subject.

    There's been a lot of controversy over cannabis impaired drivers. Personally, I fear distracted drivers a heck of a lot more when out riding my motorcycle. The difference being an impaired driver at least tries, where a distracted driver doesn't have a clue. The controversy, however, lies in the testing. There's evidently no good roadside test for pot smokers. They want to rely on a standardized field roadside test, which ultimately leaves it up to the discretion of the officer.

    I wonder how things panned out for people in Washington state with respects to cannabis impaired drivers. Did the numbers go up after legalization? My worst fear is seeing way more impaired drivers on the road as a result of legalization. While I do believe alcohol impairment is far worse, impairment is impairment, nonetheless. I'm sure it can cause fatal accidents just the same.

    What are your thoughts on legal cannabis? Is it legal where you live? Do you believe it should be legalized? Do you feel there's any health benefits to medicinal marijuana? What age limit should be on its usage?

  2. Kellyr

    Kellyr Active Member

    Jun 5, 2018
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    I live in Colorado which also legalized recreational use. It's been that way for a few years now.

    I wish I had some stories to cite, but I think if you did a google search you'd be able to find stories on whether or not impaired driving has risen in the states where they've legalized its use.

    I honestly don't think I've seen many stories of that problem here. The larger problem I've seen is that when CO first legalized it, it was just one of two states that did it and we saw a huge influx of transients coming in. Population boomed and you can imagine all the problems a population explosion can present. (I'm still ****** my usual hiking spots are now swarming with people.)

    I don't personally use cannabis. I really don't care for substances that affect my mental clarity (I don't drink, either.) As to whether I think it should be legal or not... well, I feel alcohol does far more damage than cannabis does and yet it's legal. The least I can say about its being legal now is that I don't have to listen to its users whine about it not being legal. :joy:
  3. Lou

    Lou Active Member

    Jun 8, 2018
    San Mateo, Ca
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    Big fan here.

    As you can imagine, there are very few ways to track statistics about Marijuana use and auto accidents.

    Here in California, we had a big 4/20 celebration in Golden Gate Park and there were roadblocks set up. We were warned by the promoters and most of us just walked to a restaurant or coffee shop and hung out till the roadblocks went away. On the local news that night they reported on the whole thing and said no arrests were made. Not sure if that is considered a success or proof or what.

    DUI is still illegal no matter what you have been doing. There may be no objective blood test (yet). but if you can't walk or talk...

    Of course I worry about this stuff

    Personal view: I think driving after smoking pot makes me a little bit better or safer driver. I tend to get a little paranoid when high and drive a little slower and pay more attention. You mentioned "distracted drivers" and I think I can be one of those. I remember once being sober but fascinated by a story I was listening to on my iPod and missing my exit. When I'm high I'm more likely to be calculating the optimum distance till I change lanes.

    Here in America, The War On Drugs has been a ... not sure what. Disaster? Abomination? Mockery of justice? Our criminal justice system is in serious need of reform. I'm not sure Marijuana decriminalization was the best first step. but we needed to start somewhere and this step had a lot of popular support.

    Just recently I read something about the NYC police. I guess the feds noticed that 80% of their prison population was black and told them to fix it. They studied some aspects and noticed that white people who got caught smoking pot in public got a warning. But black people went to jail. So they changed their policies and now everyone gets a citation.

    It's not going to be the solution. But I think its a step in the right direction.

    I don't think Canada is going to have the same issues as Colorado has had as far as "immigration" goes. It's your whole country not just a little piece of it.
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  4. TopoGigio

    TopoGigio Member

    Jun 1, 2018
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    Pot makes me feel homesick because I'm from a country where it is partially legal, you can buy it as long as you buy it from licensed places, has to be less than 4g per day per person, it's not legal to grow so the weed has to magically show up behind the counter, you cannot smoke cigarettes in the coffeeshops, and so on a lots of ******** rules meanwhile cigarette smokers are able to take ''smoke breaks.''

    I think governments should focus on bigger things like the environment, animals, racism/sexism, corruption, diplomatic relations, etc... so much **** going on in the world and people are worried about some college students smoking weed at home. :confused:

    What we do in the privacy of our own home should not be other people's f&&& business as long as we are not harming any other living beings. Just leave people alone, smoke pot, drink alcohol, consensual intercourse, eat junkfood in peace.... I'm not paying a ridiculous chunk of my salary in taxes for some nonsensical waste of money like that.

    As for me personally: I don't smoke weed.
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