Study shows that meat eaters have lower vitamin b12 levels than those that eat fortified grains: )

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How many people here have had there vitamin b12 levels tested?

  1. I have never had my vitamin b12 levels checked

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  2. I'v had my vitamin b12 levels checked and they were optimal

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  3. I'v had my vitamin b12 levels checked and they were sub-optimal

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    Jan 25, 2019
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    Hi everyone, I'm new here. Being totally vegan has proved to be a massive challenge for me. Frankly my body has always loved meat in moderation but the ethical issues around it are really too much for me to bare a lot of the time as I'm a big animal lover not to mention environmental considerations.. The problem is metabolism just rips through food like nothing and I'v been trying to give up animal product since I was about 18 (I'm 43 now). In my quest to bring my problomatic metabolism into balance I'v started to look at nutrients and common myths associated with nutrients. One of these myths as I can tell revolves around vitamin B12. In researching vitamin and nutrient deficiencies I often find reference to vegetarians and vegans being at risk of vitamin b12 deficiency because of our lack of animal product in our diet. Being a very active person ( weight training and running for more than half my 43 years) I find this of particular interest. Recently I found a very interesting article referencing a study that found that found that meat eaters were found to have lower vitamin B12 levels than those who ate fortified grains. I found this very interesting and I'd like to share it here but it's not letting me post a link. If your interested visit vitaminb12direct and go to the BLOG, it's the item age and supplementation. You'll find direct links to studies and supporting info.
    The study focuses on aging not vegan lifestyles but I think the study and it's findings are wholly relevent to our community. I find that one of the biggest challenges for me in adjusting my lifestyle is filtering through a lot of the messages that we'v been told about what we must eat to achieve a healthy balance. The above helped me put the issue of ever important vitamin B12 into perspective.
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