Thin and flabby skin

Discussion in 'Health' started by crowd, Feb 14, 2019 at 4:50 AM.

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    Hey there.

    I'm 42 female, used to be lactovegetarian since age 15, and now it's been 2+ years i turned 100% vegan and 1 year i turned raw vegan.

    All in all my experience is great, i feel healthy and there's no coming back for me. I take D3, b12 (occasionally) and vegan omega 3.

    BUT! My skin got super thin and wrinkly all over my body. I didn't lose any weight, i work out and have toned muscles. I drink lots of clean water, eat raw oils, sleep well etc. I always used to have a thick skin with high turgor, like a dolphin, but now it's like a dry leaf. It feels tight and itchy after shower, so i oil it with raw oils. They help ease the itching but the skin doesn't get any better.

    My husband is a vegan too, much longer than i am, and he's got no such issue with his skin. We have the same type of skin and his is perfect.

    Did anyone had a problem like this? Could you share your experience, please?

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