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    Hello All,

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

    I have a new home busniess based in Portsmouth United Kingdom called Heavenly Bakery. This is a Vegan and gluten free cupcakes and bakery goods made fresh daily for customers and for trade.

    I have supplied vegan cupcakes in the past on a weekly basis to NYC Owned by Peter Andre. And Vbites Brighton owned by Heather Mills.

    I am now located back in my home town and have just recently after having 4 years off to start my exciting business. I have grown very fast since I opened y doors back in early May of this year 2018 and still growing which is great news. This means I can bake all day Heavenly cakes that everyone deserves.

    Please spread the word as I am not here to get rich, but instead to give people great looking and tasting cake.


    Thank you all for reading this post. And lets make this an even better way to spread the Heavenly Love of cake.

    Heavenly Bakery :) Google us in Portsmouth and Southampton United Kingdom
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