Lunches for around 500 calories

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by ski, Sep 19, 2018.

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    Greetings vegan forum I am trying to completely cut out meat/fish because why not if I can anyway does anyone know any brain-dead easy food I can prep for lunch in the morning or just easy meals for 500 calories

    ps i live in the UK
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    Jun 15, 2017
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    A good tuna replacement is chick peas - you can basically use it wherever you used tuna before. A nice sandwich made from a chick pea veggie mix (lots of videos on youtube) with cucumber lettuce etc. There are also lots of vegan youtube videos available for lunches that you can make ahead. Leftovers are one of my favourites, especially pastas.

    In the UK there are a lot of replacement meat products, including sliced turkey etc (I know because I watch the Family Fizz on youtube and they buy it sometimes).

    Emma JC
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    Jan 5, 2018
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    A peanut butter or almond butter and jam sandwich could easily have 500 calories if you put enough nut butter on it.

    Pita and hummus is another option, you just might need a fairly big portion of hummus.

    A marinated/baked tofu sandwich (they sell already marinated and baked tofu in a lot of stores, at least in the US, where I live).

    Rice and beans is something you could cook at night and then pack for lunch the next morning. You could also put it in a tortilla with some tomatoes and lettuce for an easy burrito. Even without the rice, it would still be good (if you like burritos).

    Soup with a couple of slices of whole grain bread. It's not great to have canned stuff all the time, but in a pinch, it's an easy option. Alternately, you could make a pot of soup on a day off and pack leftovers for lunch.

    Pretzels and hummus - an old favorite easy meal for me.

    Leftover spaghetti and sauce, which you could put some nutritional yeast on for extra nutrients and flavor.

    A big salad with tofu and/or hummus on it, with crackers or bread to add to the meal.

    Good luck on your vegan journey! :)
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