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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Irishwaterz, Jun 25, 2018.

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    Jun 25, 2018
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    Hi there!

    I havent been on a forum in ages, used to frequent them -and chat rooms- back some 10 years ago but ever since facebook, I just havent. I am 44... Been drawn to Veganism for quite some time but could never really reach it but decided that I should explore it as a good health option as I am overweight and dealing with some health issues.

    I am not 100% there, still transitioning and trying to learn, not sure I agree 100% with every single thing I have encountered, I like to explore on my own and think for myself, if someone wants to tell me, as an example that eggs arent Vegan and I should eliminate them, I need to see for myself why, I am obsessed with Youtube and so I will go and watch videos, watch interviews, listen to podcasts and then come back with, I see, this seems to **** some people off, I guess they expect me to just not think for myself and follow the herd but that isnt me.

    Not sure what to really say about myself beyond all of that.

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    Welcome to the forum from BC, Canada!
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    Welcome. :)

    I think you'll find a mix of personalities here. So while you might come across some who are laid back there are others who are much more passionate with expressing their opinions. That's the life of message boards, honestly.

    Even the act of transitioning is already making a huge difference. But you may want to ask yourself are you going vegan just for the health reasons, or are you interested in the ethical and environmental aspects of it, as well?

    For a lot of people it's easier to maintain a vegan diet when we tie in the ethical and environmental reasons behind it. So it's not just a move to have better physical health - we're looking at a bigger picture here.

    I hear of people dipping their toes into a vegan diet for health reasons alone who end up going back to consuming meat because they just don't tie in the ethical implications.

    That said, because there's ethics involved you're going to hear a lot of varying degrees on what is morally ethical and what isn't. This rabbit hole can go pretty far, so buckle up. ;)

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