Mother forces me to eat meat

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by vaska2000, Sep 10, 2018.

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    I am a vegan and I live with mom (newbie, came home from college where I lived in student dormitory and where I became a veggie). My mother doesn't take my choise seriously and makes food with meat forcin' me to eat it. I can't explain her that I can't eat such kind of food; I'm hurted eating what I'm not supposed to, not being able to have my choice but she doesn't get it. There are still a week of holiday left. Can anyone help me with advice, how to get through this?
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    Hello Vaska, and welcome to the forum.

    It sounds a bit like how I grew up. My parents were good people, don't get me wrong, but the old school ways were to force children to eat things they didn't like. My parents were no exception. I still have nightmares about gagging on cows liver.

    As for your mom, and how to handle such a situation, I am not sure what you can do that will help. For some non-vegans, they will never understand the concept, or even believe it's healthier than their own ways. Education is key here, but it is not always received with an open mind.

    Probably the single most important thing you can do is to start learning to cook your own meals. At least start participating in the kitchen if you want a say in what's cooking. Show your mom that you are willing to do what it takes. Try showing her some meals that she might enjoy as well.

    It is also important to communicate the reasons you're passionate about being vegan. Dropping the vegan bomb on parents doesn't often go well. If you can somehow educate your parent(s) on the many reasons for going vegan, they may possibly be more accepting.

    Maybe try and get your mom to sit down with you and watch one of the many educational documentaries that shine a positive light on veganism. If you have Netflix, "Forks Over Knives, What The health, Cowspiracy" would be a good start.

    Maybe you can get some advice from this video:

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    If you're in college you're an adult and can make your own food choices. You don't have to eat what she makes. Buy your own food and make it yourself. You're an adult and she needs to respect your choices.
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